Kevin Chen

Just another portfolio! Or is it?
Welcome! I am excited to show you what I have in store.

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My name is Kevin!

I am currently attending Texas A&M University! I am pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in the class of 2027.


What do I want to become?

I aspire to become a great Software Developer that can create a project worthy of benefiting others. I want to be able to collaborate with a team in order to incorporate my work into big projects. I strive to do these things in order to make my parents proud and to leave my mark.


What am I currently doing?

I am currently working to land an Internship at a big tech in order to imporve my programming skills. Alongside this, I am able to connect with people similar to me and, all in all, build communication and leadership skills.

What I have done so far!

Whether it is a new language, a framwork/library, or even a new hobby, I am always actively learning something! I hope to one day be able to learn from a company aswell! All of this while living life like pressing F5 - refreshing.


The current knowledge I have 🤓









Software Engineer Fellow 💻

Headstarter Ai

A 7 week long fellowship where I will be building 5 AI projects and as my final project I will try to either get 1,000 people on a waitlist, create 1,000 user accounts, or generate $1,000 in revenue!


Frontend Developer Intern 💻

Global Career Accelerator

An 8 week summer program consisting of improving, redesigning, and developing existing projects as well as creating dynamic websites and apps. I also experimented with UI/UX design in order to improve user experience


Study break! 📖

I took this part in time in order to really enhance my programming skills. I need to make sure that I develop the neccessary, in-demand skills that allowed me to become a great Software Developer


Tutor 👨‍🎓

I tought students who needed extra help, or just needed a study buddy, in topics like pre-Calculus, Calculus 1,2,3, Physics, and many more! I wanted to make sure that they understood the topics and could do good in school!


Manager 🧑‍🍳

New China Royal

I was constantly making sure that everything was in place and running properly! I would often handle everything from the social media page to ensuring the stock was not low.

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