One of the largest, best-known, and most talked about traditions in the Asian American community, Screw Your Sib is a semi-formal dance held every Fall Quarter by the Stanford Asian American Sib Program. The dance is unique in that Sibs are set-up by their Sib families on blind dates with other Sibs.

Every year, the AASIB coordinators find themselves with the task of finding a clever theme incorporating the word "screw" or "sib". This year, given the huge blockbuster success of Christopher Nolan's Inception, we easily voted InSIBtion as the top choice.

This is the ticket I designed, following our color scheme of blue and silver and duplicating the heavy feel of Gotham from the movie poster. They were printed 1.5" by 5".

A tradition is to give "commemoration glasses" to those who purchase tickets in advance for added incentive, this being the main revenue-generating event for our organization. Stayed with the memorable "spinning top" image from the movie.

Logo for AASIB--keeping the emphasis on forming lasting friendships between different years.